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Introducing members of our 2013 Take Steps Denver Volunteer Committee!!!

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Take Steps Walk
Saturday, June 21, 2014
4-7 PM
Denver City Park

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take steps  20120616-14-25-29The following are some of the many folks that work tirelessly throughout the year to plan the kickoff event, provide incentives, and organize the walk day and everything in between!  Included in this list are the leaders of the Take Steps Denver Walk and representatives of the various subcommittees:

Jeremy Stern, Sr Walk Manager, jstern@ccfa.org
Jenny Roope, Walk Coordinator, jroope@ccfa.org
Molly Kufeldt, Walk Committee Chair, mkufeldt@centennialbanking.com
Scott Theodore, Corporate Walk Chair
Alan Frosh, Corporate Event Management Subcommittee
Ann Figura, In-Kind Subcommittee
Courtney Ziminski, Community Subcommittee
David Hauptman, Marketing/Media Subcommittee
Kristen Williams, Event Management Subcommittee
Jillian Meissner,  Team Communications Subcommittee
Emily Tolve, Corporate Subcommittee
Gerard G., Media Subcommittee

Calling all volunteers!  Each year volunteers are needed to help in several categories/subcommittees for the annual CCFA Take Steps Denver Walk.  Examples include greeters, registration table, and parking, set up and tear down, walk route, and food trucks/tents.  If you have an interest in volunteering in any of the above listed capacities or subcommittees – or anything else CCFA related please contact Jeremy Stern today!


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